(an interactive workshop based on the philosophy of Louise Hay)

by Vardit Kohn, certified Louise Hay Workshop Leader 


Give yourself a present

Get rid of useless emotional baggage

Forgiveness is not about denying the past;

or saying that what had happened is ok;

or that what someone else did is right.

Forgiveness is about letting go emotionally.

Forgiveness is freeing yourself from negative grudges and bitterness

that you may have been carrying for years

Forgiveness is accepting that others aren’t perfect or even good or kind –

and releasing them from your life

Forgiveness is no longer feeling a victim

Let go of people, events, traumas and words that had hurt you in the past

and move on in life with greater ease and peace

Join me for an intimate Forgiveness Workshop


Saturday, 4th November, 2017, 13.00-17.00

Heart House

Huizerweg 54

1402AD Bussum

cost: €50  (inc. coffee/tea/refreshments)


the workshop will be given in English

self-work and discussions can be in Dutch

the language doesn’t matter. We work with the heart