What do you do?

When people ask me what I do for a living, I say “I’m a teacher. I teach people how to transform the quality of their life for the better”. I work through three disciplines – nutrition, energy-motional treatments and Heal Your Life® work. Each method in its own way allows you to replace unhelpful diets, foods, thoughts, emotions or beliefs with nourishing, loving, sunny ones instead, whether on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

Sharing the lessons, the wisdom and the beauty I have been lucky enough to experience in my life is my passion. And work done with Passion is no work, it’s Joy. That’s how I feel about everything I do – it’s my Passion and it’s my Joy. If I can help just one person the way I myself have been helped by so many others, that’s my work done. With a big smile.

And in practice?

Over the years helping others transform the quality of their life has taken on various routes and paths – a practising holistic nutrition expert and coach to an energy-emotional healer and a Louise Hay Heal Your Life ® workshop leader and (shortly) coach . I started my route in the Corporate world, as a marketing advisor to Hewlett-Packard following my MBA at London City University. With the birth of my eldest daughter, over 20 years ago, I decided to change direction and retrain as a holistic nutritionist with the College of Natural Nutrition in London. The two year course completely changed my life and that of my future family, opening up my horizon to All Things Alternative and triggering me to remain cautiously alert about dogmas and unshakeable truths.
In the past 20 years I have done everything around healthy, natural nutrition – from workshops and trainings in corporations to personal coaching and consultations; from dozens of cooking workshops to various Detox programs ; from public and motivational speaking to corporate catering advice; and from virtual corporate programs to retreats in the Dead Sea. For a few years I served as Nike European HQ’s in-house nutritionist, and I even co-authored two cookbooks, “Snoep Goed” (healthy sweets and treats for children) and “Koken In Kleur” (healthy, straightforward, everyday cooking for families). You name it, I’ve done it [in nutrition], and with tremendous pleasure, too. Needless to say, at home fresh, wholesome and varied food has been lovingly prepared every day, year round. I do walk the talk ☺
In 2012 I experienced personally my first Energy-Emotional Wash-Out Treatment. It was a profoundly moving and meaningful experience performed solely using breathing, pressure and energy channeling, following a holistic method developed by senior Cardiologist Dr. Nader Butto. I simply had to learn how to offer such a treatment to others! In 2013 I qualified as a practitioner of the Energy-Emotional Wash-Out Treatment and since then have been treating people regularly.

The treatment is equivalent to Spiritual Psychotherapy. It allows people, often in a single treatment, to remove deep-held, negative emotional blockages, free up creativity and flow and restore peace of mind and joy of life. Giving these treatments is a privilege – an ability to take a journey into a person’s soul and help him or her find the key to a locked door with precious treasures behind it. As people release deep-held pains and are able to openly listen to their heart through the clear visions they see, I remain amazed by the results of the treatment and grateful to Dr. Butto for his wisdom, inspiration and generosity.
The next step for me was Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life® philosophy. I have known Louise Hay’s work for over 20 years, but in the past few years her simple yet highly effective philosophy has positively transformed my personal life to such an extent that, here again, I simply had to train as a Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader and, in the very near future, as a personal Louise Hay coach, too.

The idea of Heal Your Life® is simple - our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. Replace negative thinking with a positive outlook; self-judgement with self-love; and blame with blessing – and see your life change. While many therapies endlessly analyse the negative (past, behaviour, events), Heal Your Life® focuses on replacing past hurts with positive affirmations, beliefs and forgiveness, allowing the person to move forward in a hopeful and happier way. It is true heart work, incredibly powerful, unbelievably healing and accessible to everyone. I am proud and grateful to belong to the Heal Your Life® teacher’s community and to be able to share Louise Hay’s wisdom with anyone wishing to improve their life.
The three disciplines – natural nutrition, energy-motional treatments and Heal Your Life® work – share a common ground. I help people replace unhelpful diets, foods, thoughts, emotions and beliefs with nourishing, loving, sunny ones instead, whether on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. It’s the equivalent of helping you clear your garden of unsightly weeds by replacing them with seeds that in time grow into colourful and beautiful flowers. If this is what you’d like to do with your own personal garden – your body, mind and/or soul – then it’ll be my privilege to help you.

And who is the private Vardit?

I wouldn’t be me without…

  • My three daughters - Avigail, Ronni and Ella Kohn (21, 18 and 16, respectively). Three completely different, stunning flowers off the same stem, each with her own unique fragrance.

  • Dancing – I am an avid Latin dancer – salsa, bachata, kizomba and merengue. If you want to see The Real Vardit, look for me on the dance floor… twice a week, full on turbo till I (almost) drop dead… Passion, energy and infinite joy.

  • Yoga – which I have been practising for nearly three decades, especially Iyengar Yoga. It is the foundation of my life and the earliest shaper of my life vision.

  • Music – is one of the most important spices of my life, accompanying and augmenting every mood I’m in. From Snatam Kaur, Ajeet Kaur and Deva Premal via Indian and Lounge to romantic Latin and hot, hot salsa, music is an inseparable part of who I am.

  • Laughter - there’s nothing I love more than uncontrollable giggles…

  • Cooking – “Passion in everything I do”, right? You bet cooking is one big passion of mine. Fresh, flavourful, delicious, international and naturally healthy cooking is what I do daily with the greatest of pleasures.

  • Reading – I’m the ultimate book worm. Fiction, non-fiction, biographies, autobiographies, travel diaries – so long as it’s high quality and takes me a notch higher, I’m game!

  • Mandala painting – by the life of me I can’t draw a real-life figure such as an elephant or a person, but graphic design I can and do, so mandala drawing has become a favourite outlet of creativity. With the right music in the background I can easily forget time exists and find myself still happily painting at 5am.

  • Traveling – I love people, food and languages; that’s a pretty good basis for a voracious international traveller, isn’t it?!

  • Thirst for inspiration – my personal aspiration is to spend my time with people, practices, books, films, quotes, places – anything really that lifts me up & up. And there’s no end to how high we can go.

  • Warmth – I was born in the height of summer in a hot, Mediterranean country. Thirty five degrees and humid? No problem whatsoever! Love heat, love sunshine, love human warmth. Really dislike the cold – whether outdoors or in people.

Vardit's Missions and Values

  • Do only good, for goodness’ sake…
  • Inspire and help people grow and develop in any form that is suitable for them – physical, emotional and/or mental.
  • Passionate in her belief that personal growth and change improve the quality of life of everyone.
  • Believes that solutions should be practical rather than perfectionist; doable rather than impossible. Ideally, they should be a pleasure, too…
  • Honesty and integrity are crucial. Vardit walks the talk, and lives the way she preaches.
  • Quality and care are essential. Vardit goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients get the advice and service they need, because she truly cares.
Vardit is born in Tel Aviv, Israel

Vardit finishes her Bachelor Degree in English and French Literature and Linguistics in Israel
Vardit tours the Far East for a Year

Vardit moves to London, UK and starts her lifelong love affair with Iyengar yoga

Vardit completes her MBA, specialising in Marketing, and starts working for Hewlett-Packard

Vardit marries Richard Kohn

Vardit gives birth to her first daughter and completes her Practitioners’ Course in Natural Nutrition; she starts her Natural Nutrition practice and coaching career

Vardit gives birth to her second daughter

Vardit moves to the Netherlands

Vardit gives birth to her third daughter

Vardit becomes acquainted with Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life® work and starts a life-long study and application on her philosophy

Vardit launches the first of dozens of themed cooking workshops

Vardit publishes her first co-authored book, “Snoep Goed” and begins her career as a public speaker

Vardit publishes her second co-authored book, “Koken in Kleur” and sets up her company and website, For Goodness’ sake

Vardit begins cooperating with Lifeguard as the Nutrition Expert and starts working extensively in the corporate world

Vardit runs the first of her popular Power Detox Groups & runs the first Dead Sea Detox Retreat at Ein Gedi by the Dead Sea, Israel


Vardit co-founds a distribution company for healthy snacks and treats, SnoepGoed. The company starts distributing Nakd, a then unknown health bar, and turns it into an A-level brand in the Netherlands

Vardit trains under Dr. Nader Butto and starts practising the Energy-Emotional wash-out treatments & continues her corporate nutrition work apace and begins to delve deeper into Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life® work

Vardit celebrates Life and her special birthday with a skydive – “If I can do this, I can do anything!”

Vardit travels to the Amazonian rain forest for a spiritual journey with a Peruvian Shaman

Vardit trains as a Louise Hay Heal Your Life® workshop leader